HMLTD are a London band and this is their debut album, West of Eden. They’ve endured a rather bumpy start to their music career so far, but now they’ve cemented complete independence, they’re ready to flood our ears with glorious, glorious music. With a number of genres blended together, this record celebrates that decision and comes off sounding like the wildest rodeo in town. Grab your boots and your acid, we’re going on a hoedown! Yee-haw!

“The West is Dead” kicks off the record with a solid introduction into HMLTD’s sound: ominous basslines, off-kilter guitars and vocals that seem to hide a dirty secret. A driving beat kicks up dust as it speeds down the desert highway, led by vocals that creep their way through the layers. It produces a tension that remains a constant on the record, and sets us up as listeners for a record that takes us on so many journeys. From the dirty riffs of “LOADED” to the synth-heavy, larger than life sound of “Mikey’s Song”, West of Eden details the experiences of a band who have a ton of depth to their history.

The chaotic nature of “To The Door” sounds like the theme to a new Tarantino flick, with its rolling drums and disturbed vocals creating a chaotic nature that’s hard to shake. It becomes an early highlight of the record. It also sets up nicely for the equally absurd “Satan, Luella & I” which pairs angelic harmonies with devilish instrumentation, unleashing a drop that knocks you out and leaves you to emerge on the dancefloor. What a tune.

West of Eden is a fantastic album from HMLTD. It’s like the band have ransacked the industry for whatever genres they can find, producing one of the most thrilling records of the year. It offers a twisted descend into insanity (“Where’s Joanna?”), which only serves to add further excitement to an already exciting listen.

Listen to “To the Door” below and check out HMLTD on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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