As a music blogger, having access to a library that’s constantly updated by a daily stream of emails means that, despite how great it is to receive new music, it becomes rare to ever truly become obsessed with a new song, or a new band. However, when one enters your world that sounds so good, it makes that obsession feel so good. All stalker undertones aside, “BLACK WATER” is the new single from Loose Fit.

With the Sydney quartet gearing up to releasing their self-titled debut EP next month, “BLACK WATER” is a song that documents an obsession that eventually consumes you. Their debut single “PULL THE LEVER” introduced a healthy focus on hip-driven basslines, and a serious knack of producing some solid rhythms. This becomes more of a driving force on “BLACK WATER” however, as Loose Fit fancy striking the hips as soon as possible. I love the way the vocals seem compacted in this rigid box, while the guitars kick off them with a series of off-kilter, sketchy riffs in an attempt to overshadow them. It becomes a real attack on the mind as the energy remains high throughout and the instrumental doesn’t let up at all, eventually going at a pace that results in their crumbling demise at the end.

“BLACK WATER” is a fantastic song, and somehow goes beyond everything we heard on “PULL THE LEVER”, and I loved that song too. With lyricism detailing how the blackwater takes over your body, I feel that’s exactly what has happened to me. I’ve never been as excited to hear more from a band quite like this.

Check out “BLACK WATER” below and take a look at Loose Fit on Instagram.


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