Brothers Beckham are a duo and this is their debut single “Sunrise Full of Cheer”. Taking strong influence from the 60s and 70s, this song is a serious throwback to music at its most free. It transports me to Woodstock, watching Jimi Hendrix do things on the guitar that shouldn’t be possible. I haven’t showered in days. Pass me the acid.

Big, booming guitar riffs fill the room with classic execution, bringing a buzz and crunch that’s reminiscent of the 60s. I love the way the riffs move fluidly between one another, allowing BB to lay down some bluesy licks along the way, against this mammoth backdrop. The vocals sound like something from a Cream record, and the solos? Ooh boy. Very nice.

“Sunrise Full of Cheer” is a great introduction from Brothers Beckham. It’s a ton of fun to listen to, and cements the notion that listening to BB guarantees a good time. But seriously though, where’s that acid?

Listen to “Sunrise Full of Cheer” below and check out Brothers Beckham on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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