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Party Fears / New Single – “All Is Good”

Party Fears is the project of Maggie Devlin, a Northern Ireland-turned Berlin-based artist, and this is her new single “All Is Good”. It’s weird how people make a home out of an entirely different country, ain’t it? Not me. Working from home for the last two weeks has meant the only moving I’ve been doing is from my bed to my desk. Three steps. Amazing.

Having recently become a solo artist, “All Is Good” embraces what’s become a new beginning for Maggie and reflects on the emotions that come with it. The instrumental moves at a pace slow enough for the lyrics to get everything out into the open, and also wrap the words up in a hazy atmosphere. This is because of the easy going drums and the lazily-strummed guitars. I love the subtle additions of percussion and melody that seem to project beneath the layers of sound, and the quiet, layered harmonies too. It really helps the song build in confidence, allowing the closing moments to ramp up the volume in a way that’s natural.

“All Is Good” is a superb song from Party Fears. It’s a song that plays the long game, biding its time until the perfect moment to let loose with its true chaos. I feel like it perfectly illustrates the notion of coming to terms with a sudden change in life, and it’ll be the song I’ll play for my future sudden changes too.

Listen to “All Is Good” below and check out Party Fears on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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