“Pure Luxury” is the new single from NZCA LINES, and has become my latest obsession. With a new album on the way, this lead single gives us a taste of what to expect and you know, what a taste it is. Imagine getting five packs of Skittles and shoving them all in your mouth at once, and then topping that off with a couple Lion bars and a gallon of banana milkshake. A real explosion of colour and sugar that sounds great but would probably make you sick, but still, it’d be worth it.

The song wastes no time in flooding the mind with sound, as its intro delivers an off-kilter drum beat, LCD Soundsystem “Disco Infiltrator” synths and a vocal harmony that attacks both sets of eardrums with sleek execution. Already things are vibrant, and NZCA LINES only decides to continue that notion. The vocals ease their way into the mix with a slightly breathy, smooth performance, paired with additional backing vocals that seem to surround the instrumental to really ramp up how atmospheric it is. It’s fantastic, and a real joy to listen to.

NZCA LINES has produced one of my favourite songs of the year. “Pure Luxury” is a song with so much going on, that it’s actually impressive how cohesive it sounds. It should be a mess, but it’s not at all. It’s a song that offers plenty, and becomes a fantastic song. Listen to “Pure Luxury” below and check out NZCA LINES on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


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