Loose Fit is the debut EP from Australia’s Loose Fit, and quickly became one of my most anticipated releases of the year. This bold admission of desire stems from “PULL THE LEVER” and “BLACK WATER” – two singles that satisfied the need to hear something catchy and loose. Imagine taking a drill to a bucket of Skittles – terrifying, colourful, fun.

What was it about these songs to fulfil this need? Well, the volume of bass guitar immediately stood out. Projecting a boldness bolstered with scatty, feedback-drenched guitars and vocals that seemed to warp the mind and head off down to the point of reaching fever dream-levels of chaos. Another thing was Loose Fit’s knack for producing a sound that aimed for the hips as well as the mind. With its driven basslines, jangly percussion and vocal hooks, “PULL THE LEVER” showcases all of these elements within three minutes, making it the perfect choice to kick off the EP.

“RIOT” follows with a similar distaste for time as it wastes very little to embed into your brain. There’s some serious venom in those vocals, and said venom is backed up by an instrumental that simply aims to bash your face in. It’s great, and I’m going to be using tepid as an insult now. “REFLUX” occurs right after with another groove-laden tune that utilises the horn to provide an extra dimension to the EP, which contends with the wandering bass and really gives off some Melt Yourself Down vibes.

One of my most anticipated releases has become one of my favourite releases of the year. Loose Fit is an EP that introduces a band that comes in strong with a big sound that’s packed with grooves and a bad attitude. I love the way it jumps straight into the thick of it and takes you along for the ride. Mummy mummy, I wanna go again.

Listen to “BLACK WATER” below and check out Loose Fit on Instagram.

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