Lauran Hibberd returns with new single ‘Old Nudes’. It’s a song that embraces the notion of sending a saucy picture to a then-lover, and boldly defies the embarrassment and nightmares that follows for many years after. Like many of Lauran’s songs, this is something we as Gen Z can all relate to. I once sent a picture to a lover of mine and they fled the country.

Steeped in the summery fuzz of Weezer-like distortion, ‘Old Nudes’ packs a mighty punch with a flurry of 90s riffs and a light heartedness similar to what we heard on ‘Bang Bang Bang’. Lauran’s knack for catchy hooks shines as the odd vocal harmony produces another catchy chorus. I love the way the guitars dive into power chord territory for the “but he has a dirty picture of me” lyric, fully illustrating the fear and anxiety that floods the mind during the shocking realisation that an ex has an embarrassingly NOT sexy photo of you with your ham out.

Once again, Lauran Hibberd delivers another banger with ‘Old Nudes’, which is almost to be expected from the Isle of Wright artist now. It’s another song that showcases Lauran’s enviable ability to be cooler than I ever will be, and one that needs to be celebrated with the accolade of being your newest obsession.

Lauran Hibberd
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