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Abby Huston / New Single – ‘Can’t Be Sweet’

Fresh off the release of her debut album Rich comes ‘Can’t Be Sweet’, the new single from Abby Huston. Where most people write songs about bettering themselves, Abby’s chosen to embrace the deadbeat life. “Someone was telling me about their terrible ex and all I could think was that I am worse”. Fair play.

Despite the vibrant horns and the lo-fi fuzz behind the pianos, the mood that emanates from that quote bleeds through the instrumental. Abby’s vocals lie deep within the layers, popping up for air momentarily to interject and showcase the sheer depth the song has. In spite of these downtrodden vibes, ‘Can’t Be Sweet’ provides one of the most original and entertaining sounds of the year, and the constant battle it has with the lyrics makes it even better.

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