Back in March, Julia-Sophie released the single ‘I Left You’. It was a song comprised of an industrialised instrumental, but was full of lyricism that made it instantly relatable. Now a couple months later and Julia’s debut EP y? is here. “Why?” is a question I often ask myself. Usually the answer is because I’m hungry, or because I haven’t got the self-esteem to say anything but “yeah mate, that’s really good” to the barber when he shows me the back of my head.  

‘Breathe’ kicks off the EP with a similar set of tools heard on ‘I Left You’. Julia’s vocals sound breathless in their attempt to comprehend the emotions, and work so well against the harsh instrumental. It creates a soundscape that distorts the mind with endless layers of synthesiser, warbling and blooming against the steely percussion. ‘x0x’ descends further into this cycle, spluttering through the airwaves with glitches of sound against the almost-mantra delivery of the vocals.

It’s quite amazing how an EP that sounds as abrasive and cold as this could be so inviting. Y? has this brilliant ability to reel you in with lyrics steeped in emotion, but deliver instrumentals that are so off-kilter and only with slight touches of accessibility. It’s great, and one I’ll be returning to a lot.

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