Leeds newcomers Melancholy Ray reflect on a new set of possibilities with summer hit ‘New Routine’.

Growing up is a significant part of life, and often comes at a time we least suspect. Even at the age of 27 I’m still considered as part of “the kids” in the family. This means that I’m relegated to the floor in all family gatherings, no questions asked. I am left with nothing but angst and a deep hatred of hierarchies. One day I will rise from the floor, flip off those at the top of the family and take my rightful place on the goddamn sofa.

Melancholy Ray celebrate this moment of reflection with new single ‘New Routine’. Detailing the thrill of meeting someone new and the responsibilities that came with that, it’s a song that unapologetically sinks into the hips, making me feel warm and fuzzy.

With sleek melodies in abundance, ‘New Routine’ is a song that’s catchy from the start. The instrumental sounds drenched in sunshine, coming out looking like a bronzed goddess, ready to do it all over again. It’s got a serious Strokes vibe to it – especially in the vocals – but fortunately it also retains The Strokes’ ability to sound effortlessly cool, too.

‘New Routine’ is a fantastic song and one I’ll be listening to throughout the summer. Melancholy Ray have certainly made an impact, and I think it goes without saying that they’re going to be ones to watch.

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