Be Quiet. Shout Loud! / New Single – ‘Inside a Disco Dream’

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! release a highlight of their upcoming album in the form of the disco-stomping new single ‘Inside a Disco Dream’.

COVID’s a proper jerkbutt, hasn’t it? Seven months in and still it continues to disrupt lives across the globe. It’s also preventing people from creating milestones this year, including artists. Be Quiet. Shout Loud! were set to release their new album but have had to shelve it due to the bastard. Opting instead to release a steady stream of singles. The fourth and latest of which is ‘Inside a Disco Dream’, a song that fully leans into the band’s penchant for disco grooves.

Backed by mammoth walls of guitars, ‘Inside a Disco Dream’ is a massive listen. The passionate vocals tear at the throat, giving a performance that sounds as anthemic as the instrumental. I love the swing that breathes from the guitar riffs, strutting their stuff on the dancefloor like it’s no thang.

‘Inside a Disco Dream’ is a gloriously catchy listen filled with dramatic moments. Be Quiet. Shout Loud! live up to their name with this song. This is the fever dream I’ve always wanted.

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