Eades have been responsible for some pretty catchy tunes over the last couple months, and this week they finally dropped their debut EP. Microcosmic Things is a collection of songs that showcases the Leeds quintet’s DIY attitude while also embracing a change in producing a cohesive unit too.  

‘Saying Forever’ kicks off the EP with a swing, letting loose with guitars that strut their stuff right into the hips. I get a real 70s vibe from the shimmering cymbals and wandering bassline, and the post-punk scratch of the riffs really adds some grit to the song. Fortunately, this trend continues as ‘Make It Outside’ takes the ball and runs with a flurry of pure Indie goodness, right into the sun-drenched melodies of ‘Forget What You Want’. These three tracks flow into one another with ease, really highlighting the cohesiveness that the band wanted to achieve with Microcosmic Things.

If I could ask for anything in music, it’s for ANGULAR GUITAR RIFFS ALL THE TIME, and that is exactly what I get from Eades. Microcosmic Things is a superb EP that sounds far more assured than any other debut I’ve heard and sets the tone for what should be great things to come from Eades.

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