Bambi’s Love is a Song That Never Ends is a concise, direct injection of happiness.

Bambi is the project of Canadian musician Samantha Ciotti, who has recently released her debut EP Love is a Song That Never Ends. Considering the name and the title, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Sam’s a fan of the film. I quite like it too, but it does appear on my blacklist of films. It joins the likes of Big Fish, Marley & Me and Walking On Sunshine, although the latter is because it’s dreadful.

Love is a Song That Never Ends is a modest collection of songs. With three songs that barely pass the two-minute mark, it’s an EP that doesn’t overstay its welcome. However, it creates a listen far greater than the sum of its parts and makes an impression that sticks with you forever.

With the EP comprised of Sam’s vocals and an acoustic guitar, the EP’s intimate setting is designed to make you feel good. ‘Insert Name Here’ opens with a catchy set of chords performed at a high pace that immediately sticks to the mind. The vocals seem to meander between the chords, exploring the song akin to Bambi and Thumper in the woods.

‘Donkey Hat’ takes a second to slow down the pace but maintains the uplifting vibes. There’s an easy-going mood to it that makes it so easy to listen to, and leads into the slight heartache-y tone of ‘Here and Now’, arguably the most fleshed out tune on the EP.

Despite being a short listen, Love is a Song That Never Ends is a wonderful EP. The combination of Sam’s vocals and the acoustic guitar really work well here, and it proves that sometimes simplicity is best. I’m excited to hear where Bambi goes from here. (probably Bambi 2)

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