Kaleidoscope Music is a Newcastle based record label with a roster that boasts some of my favourite artists around. They’ve also had an ongoing series titled Kaleidoscope Sessions, which sees an artist perform a special version of one of their songs. I’ve had the pleasure of premiering these videos for almost a year now, and am excited to share the latest for you today.

Sailmaker are the latest artist to get involved on the Kaleidoscope Sessions. The project of musician and SHIELDS member Rich Sutton delivers with a special ‘lockdown’ edition of debut single ‘Taste for the Sublime’. It’s a beaut. I love the way the song unravels with the addition of strings and piano, which is reflected wonderfully in the video.

Thank you to Kaleidoscope Music for giving us the opportunity to showcase these Kaleidoscope Sessions. You can have a browse of all Kaleidoscope Sessions here, and don’t forget to check out Sailmaker and Kaleidoscope Music too.

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