For the past couple of months, almost all of us were forced to stay indoors due to this global pandemic. Some of us might have had the privilege to bring their profession home and maintain at least some level of normalcy.

Our musicians are no exception. Their creative juices continued flowing despite the quarantine, gracing our ears with quality music. Some of them perform live shows from their own homes to entertain us, while some challenge themselves to add a bit of their own flavour to well-known songs by doing covers.

On that note, I stumbled upon these great “quarantine songs” from bands I’d like to call “The Kings of Quarantine Covers”. These blokes delivered eargasmic renditions of songs far from their original genres, but magically transformed them into something of their own. It’s amazing that they’re able to do this and preserve the song’s message and identity at the same time.

On to our first king, Glass Animals. The English psychedelic pop band jumped on the cover trend way back in March. They recently released their cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ and Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young and Beautiful’.

Vocalist Dave Bayley brought colour and character to Kurt Cobain’s 1993 hit song from their album, In Utero. While quarantined at his home studio in London, Bayley showed us a version of ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ that’s dreamy with a hint of mystery. He traded the headbanging drum routine and taunting guitar licks with more mellow acoustics. He also gave the song a stunning makeover with his mesmerizing vocals.

As for Del Rey’s ‘Young and Beautiful’, from the Great Gatsby, Bayley gave it a different groove by mixing bass drums and bongo sounds during the intro of this somewhat haunting piece. Watching him pour his heart out to match Del Rey’s emotional performance will make you wonder if loving and aching are one and the same.

Moving on to the next king, Switchfoot. The staple American rock outfit surprised fans all over the world after announcing the release of their new EP, Covers last June. The album includes, you guessed it, cover songs.

Switchfoot, with their distinct rock sound, featured a real variety of cover songs on this six-track extended play. From Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good‘, to Harry Style’s ‘Lights Up‘, this EP contains a broad selection of songs from different genres and different artists. Switchfoot added their own style to each song, sharing their own perspective on things.

Cover songs can be kind of a hit-and-miss, but these bands definitely prove that music is a universal language, genres aside.

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