We’ve all encountered bullies in our lives. Whether at school, work or online, we will come across people who are total jerkbutts. ‘Cold Blue Light’ is the debut single from Kynsy, the project of Ciara Lindsey. It’s a song about bullies, and defiantly stands up to them while stating how irrelevant they will become. Badass.

For me, it was a guy named Jim who used to make fun of me for my big knees (I hadn’t grown into them until I was 24). While it did put me down initially, eventually it became my greatest weapon. Kneeing that fucker in the face was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done.

With a brooding groove and roars of feedback, ‘Cold Blue Light’ immediately makes an impact. Its rhythm has a presence that’s tough to ignore, especially once the explosive guitars arrive. I like how gritty it sounds even during its moments of sweetness, like the melodies fuelled by anger, playing against the unstable drums. This is all led by the steely delivery of the vocals that are focused on drilling a hole in your head to allow the song to fully take over.

‘Cold Blue Light’ serves as a knee to the bullies of the world. It makes for great listening, one that promises destruction for bellends and hope for others. It also kicks off Kynsy’s career in a big way and has all the balls to make sure we know who she is.

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