Upon my first introduction to emerging R&B artist Emanuel, I was enthralled by his artist manifesto. Amongst other descriptors, he compares his music to “wine that renews herself daily and is true to her flavour always”. 

‘Black Woman’ is then the finest of wines. It is the latest release following Emanuel’s debut EP, which positioned him as unafraid to embody his fierce artistic expression. 

In terms of production, the track is quite modest but by no means simple. There lies a bed of rich, soaring instrumentation over which Emanuel’s ethereal voice serenades a “Goddess walking on Earth”. His soulful crooning, accompanied by soothing strings and blissful piano work, elevates the song to new heights over its 4-minute runtime.

One of my favourite things about this track, aside from its compelling musical direction, is its lyrical content and meaning. It is the ultimate love song, dedicated to the resilience and empowerment of every single black woman. It is a celebration of the renaissance of black art and healing. At first listen, it does leave you speechless. It’s truly a privilege to experience art like this.

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