Hello everyone, how’s it going? As you can see, Sounds Good has had a bit of a facelift! This has become somewhat of a regular occurrence for the blog so not only do I hope it’s got a good discount from it’s Doctor but also that you, the reader, don’t mind an occasional spruce up now and then. Personally I feel a new look helps refreshes things, and gets me excited to play around.

I just wanted to talk through the new look and some of it’s features as I’m a proper nerd when it comes to that stuff. The main thought process behind the redesign was to end up with a blog that looked clean and had a bit of professionalism to it rather than looking a little too casual, which I felt the previous look was.

With this is mind, everything has been tidied up and I cannot be happier with how it looks. The menus have been realigned so that the longer-titled stuff start at the top and each menu cascades into the smaller titles. There’s now two columns’ worth of widgets, allowing the content to be broken up ever so slightly without sacrificing too much space, and now the header images behind the blog title at the top now randomises into different colours. That’s arguably my favourite part of the re-design.

Jessie Munro
Jessie Munro

Content has also been spiced up a touch. Simple, block images have been added as the previous featured pictures often cut out an artist’s face or other important parts of the image. Gone are the days of dismembered bodies! The reviews are also given a generous amount of room to wiggle around and truly show off what they’re saying, and all things like links, tags and embedded code are easily visible too. Nice.

Check out the review of Jessie Munro’s ‘Under Fire‘ to get a good look of what I’m on about.

As well as all this, I’ve updated logos and banners to all forms of Sounds Good social media just to make everything seem fresh as a daisy. Honestly, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, but am happy to hear any thoughts that you might have. I’m not an expert at site design or anything like that so would also be open to any constructive criticism too. Lemme know what you think, and Sounds Good will resume normal music-bringing duties very soon! Thanks, Adam. xox.




  1. Looks great! My only suggestion would be to bag the two columns, compressing archives into a single widget that reveals the individual months as a dropdown when clicked. I always like wider main content. Steve

    • Hi Steve – cheers for the comment! It seems the theme has the two columns locked in so I’m unable to really remove the space for either one – that’s why I decided to throw different widgets in each. Also unable to make the main content wider than the theme has designated for it, but I can look into condensing the archives into a simple little dropdown box. Thanks again, Adam

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