‘Dictated But Not Read’ is the first taste of new material from Abject Joy and their upcoming EP Home. They take on influences of The Cars, Weezer, Paul McCartney among others to produce something that without fail knocks me on the head with each listen.

Kicking off with an acoustic guitar and an assortment of melodies, this song could easily hold its own as a sweet acoustic diddy, but Abject Joy choose to let it build with appearances from basslines and drums to get it ready for it’s chorus. Holy moly the chorus. The acoustic suddenly becomes electric as a frantic display of power chords are punched into the mix to properly cut some contrast into the airwaves. From then on the track blooms into something with a bit of grit and determination to it, and it just shines throughout. ‘Dictated But Not Read’ is a surprising listen but one that definitely benefits from it’s shakeups. Nice work guys.

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