About Us

Sounds Good is an independent music blog that looks to promote nothing but good music and good vibes, always. Launched in 2016 by myself (Adam, hello!), it was initially created to start anew with music blogging. I started writing after seeing a friend contribute a review for an online magazine and learned it was a great way to discover new music, which I immediately got onboard with.

I started writing reviews under the blogs Elusive Little Comments and Exploding Head Syndrome, experiencing various forms of burnout over the years. In 2016 I wanted to disappear from the mailing lists, the emails that wouldn’t get my name right, and do away with writing reviews about music I didn’t really enjoy. I wanted a blog that celebrated music, and only promoted music that I enjoyed, which is why Sounds Good was born.

The last four years have been a learning curve of becoming a better writer and blogger, while making sure to maintain a semblance of life that wasn’t too absorbed by it. Sounds Good has connected me to some great artists, provided opportunities I didn’t believe would ever occur, and allowed me to meet people who’ve become big parts of my life. Even though this is a hobby, I wouldn’t want it to be anything more than this.

Good music, good vibes, always.

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