Sounds Good is a music blog from the UK. Formed in the summer of 2016, this sprightly little part of the internet has become a hotbed of good music, good vibes, and bacteria. It is run almost entirely by a guy called Adam, who is trying desperately to keep this in third person, and is probably going to struggle to do so.

The blog has featured a ton of artists from all over the globe, all at different points of their careers but all responsible for delivering some hot grooves to our ears. The idea of the blog is simple: if it’s good, it’ll be featured. Regardless of how big you are or how many fans you could drive to us, you’ve simply gotta sound good.

Over the past year or so we have featured and made friends with numerous artists and fellow bloggers and hope to continue to do so forever. Hopefully what you read is good, what you hear is better, and that you always remember to always start from home when checking out new music. Thanks.


Are you somebody who’s just released or is just about to release some new music? Do you currently have the keys to some hot jams in need of promotion? Do you simply wish to submit your music to Sounds Good? PLEASE DO SO.

Send over all submissions to myself (Adam) at soundsgoodblg@outlook.com and say hiya.