Sounds Good | a music blog is a UK-based blog focused on bringing the very best of new music to your eardrums. With a strong focus on featuring brand new bands, this blog is determined to make sure that some exposure is given to music you’ve probably never heard before. As well as this, content is written with the notion to promote positivity in music reviews, something that’s sorely lacking in the industry.

Now, a little bit about myself. My name is Adam and I am the creator Sounds Good | a music blog. I’ve been writing music reviews for around 5 years, and was inspired to do so after realising that writing about music means open access to lots of cool new music. Unfortunately it remains a hobby but I hope to make a living out of it someday, but the main motivation has always been about promoting the local artists, the up-and-comers and the occasional established artist too.

I like to keep entertained with writing, so always look to keep things chilled, casual and (hopefully) funny in parts. Too many blogs and websites opt for the pretentious route when it comes to reviewing music but I know that this blog isn’t the biggest, so like to keep those who do read the content entertained.

If you’re always looking to keep your music library refreshed with the latest music then come set up camp here at Sounds Good | a music blog. I’ll strive forever to keep your eardrums continuously hooked up with the good sounds.