Sounds Good is a music blog from the UK determined to bring the best new music to your earholes. Since August 2016 it’s been a blog responsible for showing some love to some of the UK’s most promising acts, as well as highlight some great music internationally too. It also follows a very simple rule: If it sounds good, then it deserves to be shouted about. Essentially it means if you send us a piece of music we like, we’ll write about it.

The blog is maintained entirely by one guy called Adam. I’ve been blogging about music for six years now, and over the course of three different blogs (Elusive Little Comments, Exploding Head Syndrome and now Sounds Good) have learned all of the highs and lows of being a music blogger. Sounds Good is my forever home, and I will always strive to spread positivity in this little nook of the internet.

I like to have fun with reviewing music, so a lot of the content put out may contain dumb jokes or little asides that probably mean nothing to you, but it keeps me entertained, and I like to think that it helps Sounds Good stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for keep your music library fresh with the latest and greatest tunes then come hang out at Sounds Good. We’ll always look to keep your eardrums happy.