New Logo, New Look, New Everything

Sounds Good is a music blog from the UK. Created back in 2016 by a guy called Adam who’s sure to struggle with writing in third person, so I’ll stop now. I started writing about music after a friend of mine did the same and received free music from it, so as someone who’s obsessed with the stuff, I did the same. Nearly ten years, three blogs and numerous contributions to other websites later, Sounds Good is my home.

There’s a lot of pretention and flexing involved in the music industry, with a strange obsession of putting egos and hits above good music. I didn’t want to contribute to that wank, so created Sounds Good with the simple purpose of promoting good music and good vibes, always. It’s basically a way of going “hey, this sounds really good, check it out” as much as I can. I’m not looking for a career in music; I’m just a fan of it.

The number of experiences and connections that have been made over the years has been incredible, and I’m excited to see what’s next.