Love can make us do silly things. Sure, we all dream of producing a moment of passion worthy of making it on a John Hughes film but really, the boombox’s always going to drop on our face. However, Adrian Cohen succeeds as his new single “The Prom Song ‘19” takes the boombox, throws it aside and absolutely makes his dreams come true.

Hilarious lyrics of “there’s no reason on earth to say no” and “I won’t step on your toes” add logic to over-confident statements of “I can’t wait to be your date that weekend” to immediately sink Adrian into our good books. He’s got charm, for sure. The bravado is backed up perfectly by an instrumental full of booming guitars, roaring lead licks and harmonies that soar into the night sky. Seriously, how could you not go to the prom with this guy?

“The Prom Song ‘19” is a fantastic song from Adrian Cohen. It bares the same level of awareness as Alex Cameron and brings a wealth of character to what’s already a very solid tune. Adrian’s new album Minx is out now and with a title like that, we cannot wait to check it out.

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