Picture the scene. We’re bathed in the dying embers of sun as dusk approaches. There’s a slight haze in the air as you reach for your glass of preferred spirit (there’s no judgement here), maybe you start to light a cigarette, maybe there’s jazz playing in the background, when suddenly there’s a loud crash. Someone has crashed through the patio doors. It’s me, two strong Lemonades deep. The night is ruined, there’s glass embedded in my skull. I wake up.

However, what gets me feeling smooth and worthy enough of dreams about sensual nights is “Luz”, the new single from Afonso. Having already wooed me on his debut “Golden Hour” and subsequently proving that anything with that name is guaranteed to be good, this London artist is making a strong case that he’s someone you should keep a very close eye on.

Binding elements of Jazz and Soul together, “Luz” is a song that fills the room with its smoky atmosphere. Sleek guitar chords ring out against drums that set the rhythm in place, as the bass takes a walk through the instrumental, contributing another groove that sinks into the hips. Swelling strings weave their way between the layers alongside harmonious vocals to further increase the depth of the song, and the result is something that just sounds so, so good.

Afonso is a real talented dude, and “Luz” is further proof of this. This song is expertly crafted and a real joy to listen to. I cannot wait to hear more of what he has to offer. Now, somebody help me clean up this glass. Listen to “Luz” below and check out Afonso on Facebook and Instagram.  


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