LA-based Ainslie releases new single ‘Secrets’. Steeped in emotions regarding former lovers, this song is a groove-focused ode to moving on.

Ainslie is an artist from the UK and this is her new single ‘Secrets’. Now based in LA, Ainslie details the tale of a past relationship. Spurred on by the notion of walking past said former lover in the street. I’ve had that happen before and it is a wonderfully awkward thing. Do you make eye contact? Say hello? “Sorry! For some reason I happened to scream ‘DICKHEAD’ at you!”

With sleek melodies and distorted bass notes, ‘Secrets’ is a song that boldly discusses these emotions. Ainslie’s vocals move at their own pace, allowing the lyrics to fit into the music wherever it pleases, creating hooks from nowhere. I really love the groove produced by the heavier synths. Initially they seem to disrupt the flow of the song, but eventually they melt into the open atmosphere. Blending in nicely with the floating synths.

‘Secrets’ is a great song from Ainslie. It’s a song that pairs emotion with rhythm, which makes sense considering Ainslie’s time as the “bass-playing side woman”. It’s full of subtle hooks that don’t race to the forefront, making repeated listens a necessity.

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