I’ve spent the last two weeks training a completely new system at work, and was paired with a trainer who seemed not to be willing to give details about his life outside of work, until yesterday. A mere mention of a gig got him talking about his love of Prince, and Funk in general, and holy god, we became best friends. Thank you Funk, thank you Prince. Alec Lehrman looks to bring a bit of Funk to the modern times with his new single ‘I Could Be Crazy’ and well, colour me purple. This is good.

With high falsetto, an instrumental that struts and a wide array of hooks, Alec Lehrman has some funky chops. ‘I Could Be Crazy’ is effortlessly upbeat, and is impossibly hard to deny. It’s a feel good song full of all the things you could want from something with the desire to make your day, and it’s brilliant.


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