Alexandra Savior / “The Archer”

Alexandra Savior returns with her new single “The Archer”, the title track from her upcoming album. Two years after the release of Belladonna of Sadness, Alexandra looks to deliver something that shifts perception and have us experience all sorts of differing emotions.

“I wrote “The Archer” on Christmas Eve as a gift for a lover. At the time, my perception was that I was writing a song about how it feels to love someone, but now when I listen back to “The Archer”, I realize that I was writing an observation of a psychologically unhealthy relationship, from the perspective of someone who is unconsciously aware that she is being emotionally mistreated. In 2017, I filmed the Super 8 video for “The Archer” in Port Townsend, WA with artist Alexandria Saleem. The lighthouse and the grim December sky, represented to me the isolation I felt during that time in my relationship.”

With stumbling drums, stark pianos and the slightest hints of horn in the background, “The Archer” is a song that takes its time but keeps us gripped. Alexandra’s vocals meander through the spacious layers to give a performance that’s full of heartache, adding further intrigue alongside the oblivious context. There’s a casual offering of melody and a cameo of swing throughout but “The Archer” strikes right in the feels. It’s interesting and a little bit mysterious, we likey.

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