Alice D – ‘Closer’ / New Single

Alice D returns with her new single ‘Closer’. The London artist’s third single of the year was written during lockdown and details the sweet feeling of togetherness. Lockdown has caused a number of issues, and I think loneliness has been one of the biggest for people. I was away from my other half when it began and it wasn’t nice. I wanted to be able to eat lots of junk food without feeling too guilty, so moved into her place so we could both share the guilt. Thank you, boo.

With an old school 70s aesthetic and uplifting vibes, ‘Closer’ is a song made for the summer. Lyrics of a couple taking a chance at love and making risks is balanced against an instrumental that bounces with smooth basslines and glittering synths. Alice’s vocals flow nicely out of the airwaves, and the way the melodies bubble away and accompany them sounds so good. It really makes for an addictive listen and one that I cannot get enough of.

‘Closer’ is a superb song and has made me a new fan of Alice D. It has such a chilled vibe that makes me almost enjoy this heat we’re experiencing. Now, who wants a takeaway?

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