Amber Suns – ‘Hands Up’ / New Single

Amber Suns release their first track of the year in ‘Hands Up’. The four-piece from Morecambe bring elements of Indie Pop and electronic together to create a tropical number that adds a bit of sunshine to your life. Much like Foxglove’s ‘Bright Lights’, it absolutely has the power to warm your soul up.

With bubbly synths, uplifting piano keys and soaring guitars, ‘Hands Up’ transports you to a paradisial world. This idyllic intro extends into a listen that’s solely focused on making you move, which it succeeds at easily. There are some serious grooves delivered thanks to the bass guitar, and it is impossible to resist those synths. I love the vocals and how passionate they sound, singing out requests for love from anyone who’s listening and honestly, I’d take everything they’ve got.

‘Hands Up’ is a song that puts you in a good mood. Amber Suns have created a holiday in a tune, and I’ll be heading there all the time.

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