Amie Jay returns with her brand new (…) single ‘Brand New’. Back in March, Amie introduced herself to the world with the heartwrenching ‘Ricochet’. A song that contained all the painful emotions of a breakup in one delightfully crushing little package. ‘Long Gone’ then followed with a more analytical mind that picked apart the last few months of the relationship.  Now with all of that destruction caused, ‘Brand New’ looks to start over again.

With the song also acting as the introduction to a new sound that’ll incorporate elements of Hip Hop and electronic music into her traditionally acoustic roots, Amie looks to be moving into a nicer, warmer direction. This is a relief, as I don’t think my heart could handle another ‘Ricochet’-shaped bullet again.

The intro starts off small with Amie’s vocals and acoustic guitar illuminating the way with bright chords ringing out, creating an intimate atmosphere that draws you in closer. Soon the newer elements are brought into the mix as additional vocals appear to fill out the song, bringing a higher register that almost act as a set of melodies in it. It maintains the intimacy and doesn’t detract from the lyrics, which are the real highlight here. They celebrate the feeling of being in love so add a real sweetness to the track. I’ve actually said some of these words to a slice of pizza before, so it’s nice to be able to relive those moments again.

‘Brand New’ is wonderful. It has that dreamy quality to it that makes it a dream to listen to, and so easy to hear over and over again. I’m surprised by the change in direction but am interested to hear more, especially if it shows the same level of progression that was heard in the last two singles. Nice one Amie.

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