After breaking our hearts with ‘Ricochet’, Amie Jay returns with ‘Long Gone’. Amie introduced herself to the world with ‘Ricochet’, a song that captured the emotion and shock of a breakup. It was a bold way to show yourself at your most vulnerable from the start, but succeeded at making Amie an extremely relatable artist to become attached to.

With ‘Long Gone’, Amie looks to dissect the final months of a relationship, offering a calculated breakdown of certain moments that now stand out as significant parts leading towards said breakup. Amie’s vocals rightfully direct the song, projecting these sombre lyrics against equally pained guitars that perform these intricate melodies throughout. I really like the synthesisers that seem to surround the instrumental, and also the groove produced by the drums in the background. The subtle backing vocals add depth to the mix and it all works so well.

It’s nice to witness a bit of development between the two songs, as ‘Long Gone’ seems to come from the perspective of an individual who has begun to accept what has occurred and is starting to move towards the next stage. Amie Jay continues to draw us into her music, and with this progression shown already, it makes us excited to hear what’s next to come from her.

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