Amster-damn | Liner Notes – April 2018

What’s up my dudes! How’s it going? It is the month of April and blimey, we’re nearly halfway through the year, and I’m 25 in two months. Oh dear god. Anyway, it’s time for another Liner Notes! This month’s post will contain a little bit of everything really – Life. Work. How I still don’t have a doggo. All sorts of shit.

First of all, I’d just like to say thank you. Last month was the most popular month Sounds Good has ever had, and was possibly the biggest month I’ve had as a music blogger too. The amount of support shown by bands, PR people, record labels, and fellow music bloggers and fans has been incredible, and it’s proper nice to add a sense of community to an industry that’s often filled with negativity. 2018 is looking set to be Sounds Good’s biggest year yet and all of this love is certainly helping me stay motivated, so thank you.

With regards to the rest of April though, content may be a little sparse. It’s looking to be the busiest month of the year for me, as I’m heading off to Amsterdam next week and also have a wedding to attend the week after. Amsterdam should be pretty chill for…various reasons and I’m celebrating a mate’s birthday with all the crew so that should be fun, and I’m at a wedding the weekend after that so that doesn’t really leave much time for me to write. I’ll keep you updated though! If you see a bleary-eyed worm boy roaming the streets of Amsterdam though, say hello!

One thing I’ve realised over the past month is that people are dicks, especially at work. I work in Finance, and considering a lot of the industry is made up of things that don’t exist, people sure do take it seriously.  Or people absolutely become all of the characters you see on TV shows and films. It’s crazy when you realise that the characters in the TV shows and films are not over-exaggerated and are infact true reflections on how dumb / annoying / frustrating people can be.

Simply put, I don’t want to be a part of it no more. The only way to survive an industry like that is to embrace it and become a dick yourself, and I don’t wanna do that. It harvests the good nature of people and turns them into corporate hamsters constantly spinning the corporate wheel while the lazy, uninspired hamsters coast by with no consequence. It’s bullshit, and while I’ve finally gained the confidence to call people out on it, I just want out of it.

SO if you’re a record label / PR company / massive blog willing to hire someone who’s into music enough to maintain a blog about it for the last five years then I’m your guy. I am nice, have access to numerous pizza discount codes, and have been described as being “low-maintenance”. Seriously, I am a catch.

LET’S END ON A HIGH NOTE. The past month has also been filled with wonderful people too, and these three in particular deserve to be highlighted and thrown some love and hugs too. Firstly, the German Mermaid also known as Vanessa also known as HOUSE IN THE SAND hosted her first ever live show last week and that’s just immense, innit? I’m so proud of you, and it shows you can get somewhere if you show that you’re passionate enough to stick at it. Nice work m8.

I’d also like to big up The Unsigned Library and Full Volume Blogs too. The Unsigned Library is an emerging movement looking to help independent artists licence their music without all of the legalities and headaches that come with the traditional way. It’s a great website that looks to help out anyone who wants to get somewhere with music, so check it out and support it!!!

Full Volume Blogs is a music blog that’s relatively new to the scene and caught my eye. The guy behind it, Callum, is dead cool and seems to have great taste in music – so I’d highly recommend checking the blog out! Alright, that’s all for April. Goodbye forever! Until next month. – Adam xoxox

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