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As a music blogger, the coolest thing is getting to discover and feature new acts on a weekly basis. Sure, all of the music that’s featured is good and you intend the best for everyone you write about, but there will also be a select few you gain a little soft spot for. The Penny Antics are probably the act I feel the softest for (bit weird) and so with that softness comes our very first live / face-to-face / how’s-my-breath-smell? Interview! I was so excited to do this and fortunately it turned out very well, and The Penny Antics and I are now best buds.

The Penny Antics are a duo from Essex who currently have one album, Reminder, and one EP, NOT(e)WORTHY! which I enjoyed quite a lot back in June. Lewis and Shane like to perform “Grunge on a Punk budget” kind of music and well, it’s dead good. In this interview, we talk about the EP, what it means to be DIY and…then the camera dies, but fear not! The rest of the chat is documented via the first ever, totally not planned Sounds Good’s Good Chat. A podcast that recorded the rest of our conversation, which you can hear via Soundcloud below. Enjoy.


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