Bikini Trill came into my heart back in July with the release of their debut EP Wassup, We Good? I really liked their blend of their chilled out music and the spaced out artwork and am really pleased to have had a chinwag with them. In this interview we talk about how the band got together, the inspiration behind the EP as well as their artwork amongst other things. Enjoy!

First of all, what got you guys into music? It’s different for all of us, but we all got into music at a very early age – Lauren was always singing along to songs her parents played on the car radio, then slowly started coming up with song ideas and writing poetry.. Tony and Roach both picked up guitar at an early age and started playing in all types of bands – everything from punk and hardcore, to hip-hop and electronic projects.   

We’re all originally from Austin/San Antonio, Texas and have known each other since we were kids.  We briefly played music together back in the day, but then we all kind of went our separate ways.  Years later Roach moved to Los Angeles and a year later Lauren made the move to LA followed by Tony a couple years after that.  We weren’t expecting to play music together or even looking to start a project.  We just started writing and jamming together and then we came up with our first song (which became our first single) ‘Sticky Treez’.  It was then that we kind of realized we had something together and thought we’d give it a shot.

You’ve just released your debut EP Wassup, We Good? How cool was it to finally get that first record out the way? AMAZING! It almost feels like we’ve been cooped up in our own little bubble working on this EP for the past few months…so to finally be able to share this with everyone feels incredible and somewhat surreal.  We’ve gotten so much love from people on this project and it really blows our minds that people are digging it. 

What can you tell us about the EP? This is our debut EP!  We are definitely proud of this project as a whole- everything from the song composition, storyline, artwork, and concept.  We really wanted to project to set the stage for future releases and reflect our overall vibe- we think we’ve accomplished that. The songs were written and recorded over the course of 3 months here in LA at Ameraycan, Encore, and Paramount Recording Studios and features 5 songs with 3 interludes- each song is really dynamic in it’s own way and was produced, written, mixed / mastered 100% by us.

From the title and the sounds heard throughout, it seems to be quite a chilled, relaxed record. Was this always intended to be the case? Should we expect any future material to be just as chill?  To be honest with you – we don’t really think of it in terms of making something “chill” or “not chill” – we really just make whatever we’re feeling at the time, trying to capture the moment. We’re always chillin though 😎 so I’m sure whatever we come up with next will super chill.

One part I really enjoyed was the artwork, which I believe you designed yourself. How did you get into designing the overall look of the EP? Can we expect to see similar cool designs in future?  All the artwork is done by Lauren (lead singer) and starts as a pencil sketch which is then traced and colorfied (new word lol) in Photoshop.  The artwork has become such a big part of what we’re doing.  A lot of people are first drawn to us through the art and then they learn about the music.  You can definitely expect to see more designs in the future. 

The overall look for the EP was actually kind of inspired by our tour van, Lucy, and an experience we had on our way to play Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona.  We took this loooooong ass detour to avoid having to go through an agricultural checkpoint at the border, but instead found ourselves rolling right into a border patrol checkpoint- complete with aggressive federal agents and bomb/drug sniffing dogs.  We pulled up to the officer, sunglasses on, window less than half way down, and said ‘Wassup, We Good?’ (hence the name of the EP) to which he replied ‘Nah, we’re not good.  Pull over.”  We were out in the California desert for over an hour baking in the hot sun while they tossed the van.  We were trippin!  Thought we were going to jail and were gonna miss the show, but they let us go…eventually.  The artwork is definitely a reflection of that experience- showing the inside of the van with things floating around in space – similar to how all of our shit got thrown around during the encounter with border patrol.

What’s next for Bikini Trill? We are really stoked for the future!  We have a bunch of upcoming shows that we’re really excited about:  we’re opening for The Expendables (8.30 Belly Up Tavern- Solana Beach, CA / 8.31 House of Blues- Anaheim, CA / 9.1 Cornerstone, Berkeley- CA) and just announced that we’ll be supporting New Politics on their East Coast tour this November:… we also have some new merch in the works which will feature a lot of the artwork so be on the lookout for that.   This year has seen a lot of firsts for us – first east coast tour, first tour supporting a major artist, first EP, … the list goes on.  We’ve also been working on some new music for 2019 and working on some remixes of our fave tracks like ‘Sticky Treez’, ‘Need Me’ and ‘Revolution’.  What started as a jam session in our upstairs loft has really turned into something amazing and we can’t wait to see how far we can take it.

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