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Last month, Leeds quartet Edited People released “What I Want”. The new single brought a change in sound that came as a surprise but one that I enjoyed nonetheless. Where I was expecting something similar to “Doll”, it instead gave me something empowering, hard-hitting and fierce. This is why the band remains one of my recent favourites and why I wanted to have another chat with them. In this interview, Alisha and I talk about the new single, the new sound and what it could mean for Edited People material in the future.

Have a listen to “What I Want” below and check out Edited People on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy.

Hey Edited People, how’s it going? You’ve just released your new single “What I Want”. What can you tell us about it? Well, our new single is a song that aims to empower people! It’s a badass track that shows both vulnerability and strength, it talks about people taking advantage of you because they know you won’t stick up for yourself. This is something that has happened consistently throughout my life. I believe that this song is so relatable! So if someone’s having a bad day play this track and once the songs finished, I want them to feel on top of the world!

It offers a change in sound from what we heard on “Doll”. Was it always in mind to experimental with your sound? The change in direction came very randomly, before then we wrote a new set which was a similar sound to the old edited people stuff but we just didn’t feel like it was right. So me and Josh started a songwriting project writing commercial songs for TV and advertisement! One day we were listening to Taylor Swift and thought let’s write a song similar to that which became ‘WHAT I WANT’ even though it sounds nothing like Taylor Swift ;D

So we wrote the song and thought that this would be perfect for Edited People! We had such a good feeling as we thought the sound was fresh and current! And that’s where our new direction came from. After that we wrote a whole new set list and re-branded so it took ages but finally it’s here! And we are so proud and happy with the sound.

Should we expect to hear this new sound in future material? YES definitely! Each song will be slightly different though as we want to experiment with as many different styles and genres as it makes it fun but I feel we’ve found our own individual style.

What can we expect from Edited People this year? Well now that we are in a place where we are confident in what we’re doing our aim for this year is to do as much gigs as possible as where still new, so this year is about getting our name out there and building a fanbase and releasing a lot of music just being consistent, so this year is our build up year then next year GET READY!

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? GO STREAM OUR TRACK! WHAT I WANT YOU NEED TO HEAR IT!

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