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Last year, Nia Wyn appeared on my radar with her single “Stay In Your Lane”. The song offered a modern take on classic RnB and Soul and absolutely had me hooked. I was determined to keep an ear out for more from Nia and months later, her debut EP Love I Can’t Ruin was released.

The EP is a fantastic collection of tracks that offer tons of variety, vibrancy and grooves throughout. Nia’s voice stands out from the crowd and honestly, any song that makes me explore the possibility of pizza-based eroticism is bound to be good, right? The short-breathed hesitation of “10 Seconds” to the defiant swing of “Stay In Your Lane”, right up to the powerful haze of “Castaway” – it’s all good, man.

That’s why I’m dead happy to bring an interview with Nia to you today! In this interview, we discuss the new EP, releasing something that’s full of personal experiences & also the representation of women (or lack of) in the music industry today. Thank you Nia for the chinwag! Listen to Love I Can’t Ruin below, and check out Nia Wyn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Hey Nia, how’s it going? I’ve got the flu at the moment but things are going well apart from that!!

Your debut EP Love I Can’t Ruin is set to be released very soon. What can you tell us about it? My first project…expect soul crossing over with RnB, hip-hop, jazz. It’s an introduction to who I am and what I can do as an artist.

You’ve been making music for a couple years prior to the EP. What made you feel that now was the right time to release something more substantial?  My releases pre-EP gave me a chance to experiment a bit with styles and work with different producers, honing my songwriting. I feel at a stage now where I’m ready to give a body of work and have a lot more music to share.

It’s mentioned that Love I Can’t Ruin contains a lot of emotions and experiences that you’ve had over the years. How does it feel to publish something this personal to the world, and do you consider how people might take it?  I think previously I may have been hesitant to put out very personal stuff, but I feel ready to do that now and excited to see the reaction, as well as how it’ll influence my next releases. Being more open to write personal content I feel has made me a braver writer. In terms of how people might take it once it’s out there? I hope they can relate to some of the EP in some way!

You’ve also mentioned the struggle of being an independent, female artist in the music industry. One part that’s currently being highlighted is the lack of female representation in festival line-ups in recent times. What are your thoughts on this? It’s nowhere near where it needs to be that is for sure. Women and non-binary people are underrepresented pretty much in every corner of the music industry though, from festival line-ups to engineers and producers, PR and label executives. In terms of festivals I would like to see a lot more soul (ideally women soul artists) represented on line-ups.

As well as the EP, what is 2020 looking like for yourself? I’m on tour with Paul Weller in May which is sold out so very excited for that. Lots more shows this year, and most definitely more music – I’m currently lining up/trying to decide the next music I want to put out as I have been writing a shit ton.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Would you rather have legs as long as fingers or fingers as long as legs??

Honestly, I think I’d go for fingers as long as legs. You could climb trees, run like a GAZELLE and maybe even give spiders a run (pun) for their money. Think of the possibilities. They are endless.

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