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Sunflower Thieves are a duo from Leeds and very recently they released their new single “Heavy Weight”. It appealed to our ears nicely so we were excited to have an interview with them! In this interview we discuss their formation, details behind the creation of the single and also future plans.

Have a listen to “Heavy Weight” below and check out Sunflower Thieves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy.

Hey, Sunflower Thieves. How’s it going? Hey Adam, all good thank you! Super busy which can only be a good thing!

For those who may not have heard of you before, what’s the story behind the birth of Sunflower Thieves? We’ve been friends from a young age, and attended a local choir together, always being encouraged to immerse ourselves in music. We began performing at local open mics, going on to be booked to play at events and festivals local to us. We both attended college in Nottingham which allowed us to get involved with the wonderful music scene there, and it still feels a bit like coming home when we play there. Since then, we’ve both moved to Leeds and are now playing with our band, Dan and Jacob, and working hard to build our network and create more music all the time.

You’ve got a new single out soon called “Heavy Weight”. What can you tell us about it? This is one of the few songs we have sat down and written together – we often write initial ideas individually and then share, develop and finish them. ‘Heavy Weight’, like most of our songs, is really personal to our own experiences, and describes the hopelessness of feeling suffocated by social anxiety. We both have our own experiences in this subject, and the questions asked in the song are a train of thought.

Sometimes, when you are feeling anxious, even the people you know best can feel intimidating and unfamiliar. We liked the juxtaposition of lights casting shadows and making you feel unsafe, when light is supposed to make you feel safer, and darkness is usually scary.

The song is self-produced, and a stripped-back tune focusing on our vocals. We collaborated with songwriter Joseph Knight, who composed the guitar part of the song.

Are you looking to release more music before the end of the year? We won’t be releasing more music in 2019, but we’ll definitely have music ready for release. We have a couple of songs we’re working on at the moment which are favourites in our live set, and we’re really excited to create something special in the recorded versions of these songs.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? We’re heading out on tour in the next couple of weeks, beginning November 3rd in Tynemouth, then going on to York, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, London, Coventry and Liverpool. We’d love to see some new faces at these shows, and we’ll be debuting Heavy Weight on this tour!

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