An Interview with The Covasettes

The Covasettes are a four piece from Manchester and earlier this year they released their latest EP It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds. The EP is an accurate illustration of the Summer as it came with four tracks drenched in sunshine and full of upbeat vibes. I really enjoyed it, and am very happy to have had a chat with Chris from the band about themselves, the EP and their subsequent September tour. Enjoy.

Have a listen to It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds below, and connect with The Covasettes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hello, The Covasettes. How’s it going? For the people who may not have heard of you before, what’s the story behind how The Covasettes was born? We were born in Manchester on a cold October night in 2016 and the rest is yet to be history.

You released your debut EP It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds. What can you tell us about it? 4 good summer certified tunes that’ll have you singing along for at least 3 minutes (sometimes even 4).

What were your emotions upon release date, and how have they changed since it was put out into the world? It was all relief when we put it out. We’d spent months making it so we were so relieved to have it out, now I think we all feel a strong sense of pride. I love everything about it from the artwork to the tunes.

The EP is a very upbeat record where all parts of it seem to have a sunnier outlook. Was that always the intention when it came to creating the record? There wasn’t necessarily an intention, the stars just seemed to align and the songs we were writing has a summery upbeat feel to them, so the timing was perfect. We like our music to be a mood lifter and I think we’ve managed to achieve that in some way or another.

You’ve mentioned before about how you didn’t want the EP to be a mash up of four songs with separate moods but rather a cohesive unit all pushing the same vibe. Is that something you reckon you’ll take in future projects? Definitely man, our new stuff is super punchy and rocky which we’re all really leaning into. We’re trying a few new songs on tour and the response has been crazy with people saying they’re our best songs etc. So we’re looking forward to seeing what the next period brings for us.

You’re going on tour! Whereabouts will you be performing? How excited are you for it? •insert tour poster•

It’s gonna be unreal, we’ve sold loads of tickets at all venues and judging from the first few gigs, it’s definitely gonna be one to remember.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? I hope we manage to get let off for the parking fine we got in Portsmouth. Could do with the £40.

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