Tundra are a trio from Suffolk and on Friday they’ll be releasing their new single “You’re Welcome”. I’ve had the pleasure to have made mouth noises with them and here is the result of that. No dribble included. In this interview we discuss the new single, the international response of their last single “Navy Red” plus a rather good final thought. Who is the king of Skegness? Huge thanks to the band for doing this!


Hi Tundra, how’s it going?

Elliot: Can’t complain, but to be honest mate, I’m more interested in how you’re doing? (Note – I’m doing well, thank you. Just had breakfast. Marmite on toast. Standard but lovely).

Your new single “You’re Welcome” is about to be released. What can you tell us about it?

Elliott: It’s in 4/4 at 168bpm and we think it’s in E.

Basically, it leads back to a trip that we took to the forest of dean a while back. It’s all about a good day because someone’s not there.

It follows on from “Navy Red”. A song which gained heaps of praise including airplay on the likes of BBC6 Music, Amazing Radio and Radio X. Does the new single retain a lot of the sounds we heard on its predecessor?

Caitilin: Yeah! I think it’s quite a ‘Summery’ song in the same way that Navy Red and Swimming Shorts kinda are.

Elliot: It was definitely written in the same process and time as Navy Red so there’s gonna be similarities even if we don’t realise it (crying laughing face x’s 3)

How cool was it to hear your own music played on those radio stations? and to even be played on international stations too?

Elliot: It was a nice surprise to find out that we’d been played on those stations because to be honest we had no idea it was gonna happen!

Caitilin: We had one guy come to a gig who’d listened to us on a station from Bulgaria which was pretty surreal.

Elliott: It’s just sick to see how random people from random countries have started listening to us and we don’t really understand why.

You guys have been relatively quiet this year. Could we expect to hear more music from you before the end of 2019?

Elliot: I think we’ve just been trying to get better at writing songs hence why we’ve been a bit slow with releasing music lately. We’re writing more songs that we are impressed and proud of and we want to release them, so I guess that’s a YES! Maybe. probably……………..yes.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be?

Elliott: Who is the king of Skegness?

Look out for the release & review of Tundra’s new single “You’re Welcome” THIS FRIDAY.


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