“Absolutely- I personally believe we’re all made of our experiences.” | An Interview with Yellow Shoots

Having blown our minds in July with “magic on my pillow” and released a debut album that had the same effect, we’re very pleased to bring Yellow Shoots back for another interview! Fresh off the release of the music video to his track “Everything”, we thought it best to schedule a chinwag. Enjoy.


Hey Yellow Shoots, how’s it going? It’s going well!

We last spoke in September. How have the last few months been for you? The last fewmonths have been pretty busy. Played a lot of shows in Philly, Brooklyn and Miami and worked on a few collaborations. Working on a new album too.

You’ve just released a visual for the track ‘everything’. What can you tell us about it? Oh yeah. We just put it out. Pretty psyched to share it with everyone. “everything” is one of my favourite songs from the album, so I had to make a visual for it. It pulls a lot from scenery of my childhood, Kennet Square Pennsylvania. I wanted to make something that had an alien, trippy like feel to it, but also extremely relatable for me personally.

Was it weird filming your actual home for the video? No- it was actually really cool. Where we filmed hadn’t changed one bit. I know the place so well- so it was easy to find scenes for good shots and settings.

Do you find it’s important to remember your roots as your career progresses? Absolutely- I personally believe we’re all made of our experiences. If I can be honest in the portrayal of who I am and translate that into art and take a few chances with things, I think that’s where the magic happens.

Can we expect to see more visuals from you? Is the music video side of the industry one that appeals to you? Definitely. I think releasing visuals and music videos are big part of growing as an indie artist. I personally love it. It can be really challenging. But worth it in every regard.

What was your highlight of 2018? Tbh- I’m happy that I got the album out. That was one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life. So- all the releases underneath the album I’m equally proud of.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? One thought I’d like to share or that I keep uncovering as I continue releasing music is that maintaining focus is key in achieving your goals. Your personal energy is finite, so it helps if you’re very deliberate in how you use that energy.

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