Angie McMahon’s “Pasta”, like pasta, is great.

Get you a girl like Angie McMahon. Not only does she illustrate the glory of doing nothing all day, she names it after pasta. “Pasta” is a gloriously lazy number filled with lyrics that point out the mundane or hit you with hard thoughts that wander aimlessly in Angie’s mind. It goes down quite nicely too – like the whole wheat kind. It’s not stodgy like a Bolognese but rather light to digest, like a nice linguine salad.

Lazily strummed guitars and barely struck drums kick off the song, immediately setting the tone of somebody not really knowing what to do with themselves. Angie’s vocals confess to various flaws throughout, attaching our minds to her casual revelations. Soon the boredom erupts into a cascade of noise as “Pasta” simmers into boiling point: thunderous drums add some oomph to the mix, while the guitars riff their way into productivity and soon we’re treated to a tasty bowl of good vibes. “Pasta”, like pasta, is great.

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