Annabel Lee dominates the airwaves with new single | ‘Go Girl’

‘Go Girl’ is the new single from Annabel Lee, and it is fierce as fuck. Having already been described as a “force of fucking nature”, it seems we may need to take a second to remember this aspiring young lady. If I’m honest, going by the sounds of her new single, I don’t think it’ll be difficult to remember her.

This track is a huge sass-number. Even from the intro of “hey hey, ho ho” you can tell this is going to be an absolute queen of a banger. Annabel’s powerful voice leads the way in a very defiant way, which is even more impressive considering the sheer passion that seems to go into the performances of the keys and basslines. ‘Go Girl’ is a hard hitting belter of a listen, and I’m left a little bit shook by what I’ve heard. You go, girl.

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