Back in September we featured ‘Go Girl’, the debut single from singer-songwriter Annabel Lee. I absolutely found it a gloriously fierce number, and am pleased to showcase her new single ‘Up’ for you today. Talking about the new single, Annabel says ““Up” is a reminder that we are the ones that decide where we are going. All the negativity is just there to stoke the fire.”

First of all, that is badass and secondly, this defiance is shown brilliantly throughout the new single. It’s instrumental is made up of a bold synth beat that struts at it’s own pace, but eventually hits it’s groove on the chorus. It pairs up nicely with the drums, and delivers a solid groove alongside a vocal hook to become effortlessly catchy.

‘Up’ is a great song and Annabel Lee is quickly becoming one of my favourites of the year. I am properly enjoying this bold attitude that comes with her music and considering she’s only just arrived, I’m excited to hear more from her.


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