Annie Taylor toured with the likes of LA Witch, Sunflower Bean, DeWolff amongst others last year, marking an absolute dream for the emerging act. Having woken up to reality, the band named after the barrel tumbling, Niagara Falls conquering woman in 1901 return with new single “Under Your Spell”.

Psychedelic guitars envelop the airwaves with a riff that immediately adds some vibrancy to the world. Bright colours cascade against a warbling bassline and drums that add some needed texture. The vocals bring direction into the mix as the instruments take to a jangly dance to make their way around them, and the result is a song that’s caught us in its spell. Move aside Penn and Teller, there’s a new act in town.

“Under Your Spell” is a superb listen and one that definitely has us fooled. Annie Taylor bring plenty of ideas together on this track, from the haze, world-building intro to the super scuzzy breakdown, there’s so much to it that it’s undeniably fun to listen to.

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