Akimbo’s a great word you know. Anything akimbo is bound to involve a great time: legs, cheese, pizza. Arms Akimbo are set to deliver a hug of an EP very soon and this new single ‘None Of My Business’ is the third taste of what to expect from it. Come on down, gather round, have a little listen and we can all hug it out. Akimbo.

‘None Of My Business’ is a song that puts on a front of being really nice and pleasant, with it’s roaring guitars and warm basslines, but offers up a little hint of bitterness once you begin to dive deep into it’s lyrics. For a song so open and welcoming, it does show a touch of insecurity that comes from realising that being with a particular person would ultimately ruin the relationship, which sucks. I had a similar thing, and that’s why I longer order from Pizza Hut.

Arms Akimbo have got themselves a great song here in ‘None Of My Business’. It’s instrumental is enough to please the casual eardrums out there but also offers up a little something for those looking for a bit of depth to their music, and my my could you fall in deep with it.

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