Atlas Wynd – ‘Helpless’ | Song of the Week

GOOD LORD do I love a good riff or two. Atlas Wynd have dropped their new single called ‘Helpless’ and despite being 1:45 long, it has all the guitar riffs to leave you satisfied. Like, properly satisfied. You know? When you watch videos on Youtube of people’s ingrown toenails being pulled out and realise that you’re not grossed out, because you are a gross person, and that’s okay.

‘Helpless’ is a track that dazzles in it’s murky, gritty instrumental. Atlas Wynd lay down a series of fuzzy guitar riffs that range from the slightly off-kilter intro to the full blown implosion of sound that dominates the chorus. The drums crashing in the background add some nice texture to the mix, but it’s really the guitars that take the spotlight. Bravo to you guitars, may long you last.

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