Augustine / “Guts”

Augustine has had a fantastic debut year. Launching with debut single “Luzon”, the Swedish artist has captivated all kinds of ears, receiving universal acclaim for his debut EP Wishful Thinking. Now with new single “Guts”, he looks to properly take over our bodies.

“‘Guts’ is about a hangover morning together with someone you adore and the irony of you both complaining about your mood when you were privileged enough to go out and have fun the night before,” he says of the track. “It’s a way of telling myself to shut up whenever I start feeling sorry for myself”. “I’ve played this exact piano loop every time I’ve sat down at a piano for many years,” he adds, “but I’ve never found a good context for it — until now.”

Honestly, this is a much deeper reflection of a hungover morning compared to ours. There’s no hint of struggling to keep down a McDonald’s breakfast or shouting for silence as Homes Under the Hammer comes on the TV. We’d not be able to produce the soaring harmonies of “Guts”, nor could we replicate the upbeat synths and the tropical drums. Augustine’s larger than life vocals shine throughout here, and produce an anthemic sound that really helps you make feel good about what you’ve got going on in life. No wonder this guy’s becoming a big deal.

Listen to “Guts” below and connect with Augustine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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