Glass House Point – ‘Creatures’ | Single Review

‘Creature’ is the new single from Florida’s own Glass House Point. Living in an atmosphere full of sunshine and backed up with the occasional flurry of rain is something that clearly embeds itself within their sound, and it makes for some wonderful listening.

With ambient synths, wondering melodies and hugely accessible hooks ‘Creatures’ is a song that breathes life into the airwaves. Glass House Point do a phenomenal job combining all sorts of elements together to create a listen that’s full of sombre lows and anthemic highs. It’s a truly lovely song, and by the time you hear that first chorus riff you would’ve fallen in love. Great stuff.


Toby Charles – All My Words | EP Review

Toby Charles is a musician from Worcestershire and this is his latest EP All My Words. Do you ever wonder if you’re close to using up all the words you’re allowed to say in this world? Like, is there a limit onto how many words you could say? As a quiet dude, I have little to worry about in that respect. But Toby Charles has got himself a lot to say on this wonderfully delightful little EP.

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Irascible Fuck Brigade – Slash the Fucking Seats | Song of the Week

With a name like Irascible Fuck Brigade, a song named ‘Slash the Fucking Seats’ and a description of their sound as “Don’t go genre, but it’s loud and relentless and probably some kind of rock”, you could imagine that I was pretty intrigued by these guys. ‘Slash the Fucking Seats’ is the latest single to come from this wonderfully named band, and it certainly hits a number of spots.

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Guide Dog – Lovely Domestic Bliss | Release of the Week

Guide Dog are a trio from Cardiff and this is their debut album Lovely Domestic Bliss. I’ve always been partial to a bit of domestic bliss myself, and have found that over the years I’ve learned how to achieve such harmony. As a male and a boyfriend, I’ve learned that the secret to keeping the peace is to just do everything you’re told and agree with everything. Everything. Sure, it’ll leave you a broken husk of a man, but at least you’ll be able to watch TV shows in peace.

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TABOU – Upgrade | Single Review

Tabou are a band from my ends of Essex, and this is their new song ‘Upgrade’. Having already created quite the buzz with their debut ‘Honey’ earlier this year, these local lads are set to build on that momentum with this new track.

With swooping synths, ‘Upgrade’ immediately creates an atmosphere stuck right in the tropics. It’s subtle percussion complete with finger snaps and handclaps adds a nice texture to the mix, and the soulful vocals only makes this go down smoother. It’s an excellent song that makes for some easy listening and could become a great song for the bedroom. All naughty thoughts aside, Tabou are a band to keep your eye on.

Nth Cave – Bass | Single Review

One thing I’ve learned about social media is that it keeps you connected to everybody, all the time. As scary as that is, it also opens the door to some cool connections. Nth Cave stumbled upon me thanks to the ongoing beef I have with fellow music blog Mytacism Music over Twitter, and after hitting me up with a submission email full of flattering words, I have the pleasure to tell you about their track ‘Bass’.

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