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The Tates – ‘Water’ | Song of the Week

The Tates' new single 'Water' is a surprising little gem.

Liner Notes

Liner Notes | December 17 | The Most Wonderful of the Year

Hello everybody! Welcome to the last Liner Notes of the year! It’s absolutely crazy to think that 2017 is essentially over with and we’re already prepping to say hello to 2018. It’s been a year dedicated to personal growth and trying to improve various parts of life and I think it’s been somewhat successful. I… Continue reading Liner Notes | December 17 | The Most Wonderful of the Year

Single Review

Cavalcade – ‘Bat Your Lashes’ | Single Review

You know how sometimes you feature an artist and it’s like your child coming home to visit? My little babies Cavalcade return with their new single ‘Bat Your Lashes’ and it looks set to be their heaviest track yet. Awesome. Kicking off with a heavy set of haymakers to the brain, this track immediately comes… Continue reading Cavalcade – ‘Bat Your Lashes’ | Single Review

Single Review

Bella Spinks – ‘Noble Lie’ | Single Review

‘Noble Lie’ is the newest single from Brighton’s Bella Spinks. It’s the first single to come from her upcoming debut album, and you know, I’ve told a noble lie before. A couple years ago I was interviewed for a position as an apprentice in IT, and halfway through it I was asked if I had… Continue reading Bella Spinks – ‘Noble Lie’ | Single Review