Bad Flamingo ¦ new single “Open the Gates”

Bad Flamingo are back with their new single “Open the Gates”. Much like FRANKIIE’s “Funny Feelings”, this is a track that transports us to the Western world of Clint Eastwood and yee-haw. Time to grab the duster and put on those spurs. We’re heading to the desert again, folks.

“Open the Gates” is a track that seems very assured in its execution. A muted guitar riff sinks groove into the hips against the most subtle of drums in the background, as the lead vocals creep their way through the layers. The addition of the rolling bassline and yelps of guitar adds to the tense atmosphere, and the result is a listen that makes us sweat at the crack of dawn. It’s a very good song, and one that makes us feel badass with every listen.

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