Picture this. You’re at a restaurant, a library, a national park, and in amongst the atmosphere is a lad throwing his limbs in a way that could lean more towards mild convulsion than a steady dance, and you wonder “what on earth is this white boy listening to?” Well. The white boy is me, and I am listening to THIS. ‘Give Me Something to Funk’ is the new single from Balkan Bump, and boy oh boy is it fun to throw your limbs around to.

Having released a debut EP already, Balkan Bump looks set to cement the reasons why everybody’s excited for this young boy. Complete with hard hitting synths, snappy snappy drums and an energy that’s infectious as it is groovy, ‘Give Me Something to Funk’ just makes sense. It’s got all the impact and thunder to help you forget that Paul McCartney’s just released a song called “Fuh You”. Simply put, it’s awesome.

Balkan Bump has certainly caught my attention with this new single. ‘Give Me Something to Funk’ is sooooo good, and the trumpet solo towards the end? Gosh. It’s cold shower time.

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