Barbudo – ‘Secret Admirer’ | Single Review

You know, I’ve always wanted a secret admirer. As creepy as the context of it sounds, at the end of the day, you’ve got someone checking out what you got going on and they like it, but not enough to openly introduce themselves. There’s nothing wrong with it, and if anything, the mysteriousness of it just adds that little bit extra excitement to the mix too. Unless it turns out to be your Mum, then it’d be weird.

Barbudo are a trio from Portsmouth and this is their new single ‘Secret Admirer’ and it is one funky duck. Donald ain’t got shit on these grooves, man. The track is all about admiring something that might be a bit embarrassing to admit, such as watching videos of people’s ingrown toe nails getting removed, or Love Island. These guys do a fantastic job at laying down an instrumental that’s built upon a solid foundation of groove, with snappy drums and guitars letting loose to deliver some hot licks throughout. The synths add a touch of psychedelic goodness into the mix, and the easy to read vocal hooks makes this almost impossible to ignore.

‘Secret Admirer’ is an absolute jam of a track. It sets out to simply have fun and by god do you have fun with it. This is a case of admiring something and wanting to make it known, it’s that good.

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